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DoliDroid confidentiality rules

DoliDroid is an Open Source Android front end for dolibarr ERP CRM

Data policies
  • Dolidroid does not collect any data. Because DoliDroid is a frontend (a web view) to access your already existing online Dolibarr application, any information entered using DoliDroid are stored into your own Dolibarr application, not into DoliDroid application. Also, you can't create a login from DoliDroid. You must create it at the web hosting provider you choosed to host your online Dolibarr.
  • Few information are stored encrypted on your device, like the remote URL of your online Dolibarr to connect to, and, if you enabled the feature to avoid to enter the login of your online Dolibarr applications, your credentials can also be saved into the application private storage area. You can delete them from the menu "Setup" - "Do not remind login/password".
  • Any downloaded files are stored into your common "Download" directory of your device...

  • Permission to Write on external Storage allows DoliDroid application to store downloaded files.
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